How to Really Eliminate Bad Odors in the Home or Business

Smells come from many sources and in a variety of strengths. For the really BIG, bad odors that don’t go away on their own…Odorcide 210 is the answer. This deodorizer is different than most for several reasons.
1. It works!
2. It doesn’t leave a residue on hard surfaces like laminate counters or wood floors.
3. Works on fabric, carpet, hard surfaces and airborne odors without staining.
4. Non-toxic, non-irritant, water-based, biodegradable = safe for people and environment.

What type of odors does it eliminate?
Pet odors, urine (or other bodily fluid), mold and mildew, decaying organic matter, cigarette smoke, and sweaty sports equipment.

How does it work?
Odorcide 210 doesn’t mask odors, it eliminates them by neutralizing bad smells and replacing them with a mild, pleasant scent.

Where can it be used?
It can be used on bedding (mattress and linens), sports equipment (ie: football pads, soccer shoes, etc), in bathrooms, in kitchens, on carpet, hardwood floors, clothing/laundry, upholstery (test a small area for colorfastness before use).

How is it used?
Odorcide 210 Ready-to-Use Spray or Soaker is applied then left to air dry. The directions on the product will tell you how much to use to penetrate to the stain. Odorcide 210 Concentrate, 16oz, 64oz or gallon, should be diluted with water for use in laundry wash cycle, general cleaning & deodorizing, heavily contaminated areas,in pressure sprayers and as refill for sprayer or soaker bottles.
If Odorcide 210 reaches the source of the odors, it is guaranteed to work and odors coming from the source will continue to be neutralized long after the initial application because of the residual action.

Did we try it?
We sure did! When we started selling this product, each of us, at, decided to try this stuff out at our own homes because we each has a “smell” situation that came to mind.
The results…

  • Eliminates dog smells on dog beds without harm to the dogs.
  • Removes odors from high-school hockey gear and removes mold spores when used with Vital-Oxide.
  • Removes cigarette smoke from upholstery & indoor air.
  • Odorcide 210 is formulated for use in hotel rooms, public restrooms, daycares, schools and hospitals – strong enough for institutional use yet safe enough for home use. It’s available in several sizes so you can buy a small amount for home or a large amount for commercial use.

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