The Best Products for Cleaning your Laminate Flooring

Standing in kitchen with cleaning gloves and cloth

1877FloorGuy has hand-picked the best laminate floor cleaners to help keep your flooring clean and bright for the long-term. Explore our laminate floor care page to find an assortment of hand-selected cleaners chosen by our team. Here are a few simple tips for choosing the right cleaner.

Rule number obona-stl-product-image-1ne of laminate floor cleaning: check your manufacturer’s maintenance guide for recommended cleaners. Many big-name laminate-makers — including Pergo, Armstrong, Bruce, Mohawk and Shaw — manufacture their own laminate floor cleaning products specifically for their own unique lines of laminate flooring. Other flooring brands, like Quick-Step call out cleaners that are proven to reliably uphold the finished surface on their brand of laminate. Following the maker’s recommended products and maintenance instructions will help you maintain your warranty and clean floors the right way.

hd-product-image-2Pergo flooring and Quick-Step flooring were recently purchased by Mohawk. Pergo floors can be cleaned using Mohawk cleaners, and you can safely clean Quick-Step floors with these products from Quick-Step’s line of Performance cleaners. We also recommend Bona cleaners for cleaning Pergo and Quick-Step laminate floors. If you don’t know your flooring brand or if the brand doesn’t recommend a particular cleaner, then you can trust cleaners by Bona and Hilway Direct for cleaning a wide variety of laminate brands without leaving streaks or residue.

The bottom line is that the best laminate floor cleaner is always the one that’s the safest for your unique brand of laminate. 1877FloorGuy can always help you find those specific products or compensate with appropriate alternatives if you contact us by phone or e-mail.

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