Did You Know? Odorcide, a Powerful Surface & Air Deodorizer

Odorcide Surface & Air Deodorizer in 5 Varieties

To eliminate bad odors, and I mean really bad odors, in your home or business, Odorcide is the best deodorizer you can buy for interior surfaces and air freshening. Use Odorcide on upholstered furniture, carpeting, floors, clothing and on any water safe surface. It works better than most air fresheners by eliminating malodors associated with mold and mildew, cigarette smoke and more. Mix just a 1/2 oz of the concentrated formula per gallon of water in a bucket with your floor cleaner or apply it with a spray bottle to surfaces that need odor improvement.

Choose from 5 types of Odorcide in the 1877FloorGuy store –  Original ,  Fresh Scent ,  Cigarette Smoke ,  Laundry ,  Fire & Flood.  Each type of Odorcide is available in up to 5 sizes of ready-to-use and/or concentrated solution. Target the source of the malodor, from sports locker rooms to urine stained floors or furniture, for incredible results. The bad smell goes away completely and does not return.

Odorcide has a potent odor-fighting scent in the bottle yet, when diluted and applied according to label instructions, to the intended bad smelling surface, the result is a pleasing fresh scent that leaves no trace of the malodor being eliminated. Proven results on pet stained upholstery, in bad smelling laundry, in apartment turnover maintenance. Choose the Odorcide formula that best targets the unpleasant smells in your life or in your business environment. If you haven’t used it before, try Odorcide in a 16-ounce concentrate. You’ll be glad you did!

Shop Odorcide products at 1877floorguy.com/Odorcide.

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